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__ The Gaillon district __

The Gaillon district is the part of the 2nd arrondissement located just below the Opera House and is located on either side of Avenue de l’Opéra. It is a rather eclectic district; on the side of rue de la Paix, there are the luxury brands, particularly jewellery, and a little further down, the Japanese district and also many small addresses to eat on the go! A district to discover!

Metro stations: Opéra, Quatre-Septembre

__ My crushes __

Eat on the go: Grillé and Aki café

Two excellent places to eat on the go not far from each other, the first one, Grillé is a “luxury” kebab, i. e. with top quality products (Kurdish bread baked on site, Hugo Desnoyers veal and various homemade sauces to choose from). And the sandwich is really delicious! All for 9 euros (3 euros for fries extra), you can’t do without it! There are a few tables on the terrace, but it is best to eat it in a nearby park, for example at the Palais Royal.

And the second address is Aki café, a Japanese tea room that offers a great offer of salty lunch, very, very difficult to choose from all these very appetizing dishes, we find bento, maki, sandwiches, soups, onigri… I tested the tonkatsu pork sandwich, a delight! Also hot dishes, which can be eaten on the spot. And lots of Japanese desserts. The choice is really huge.

The Japanese district on rue St Anne and rue des Petits Champs

The Japanese district of Paris is therefore mainly located in the streets of St Anne and Petits Champs with a lot of shops (grocery stores, manga bookstores, travel agencies, tableware shops, decoration) and above all many restaurants!

At the grocery store level, the best known is Kioko which offers all Japanese products on 2 floors. You can also find here proposals for Japanese language courses, and a lot of other things from people in the Japanese community. Another grocery store I like very much, Korean this one is K-mart, where the offer is more diversified, there is almost everything to cook Asian in general. I buy panko, the ultra crispy Japanese bread crumbs.

And of course the Japanese restaurants like Sapporo, Kadoya or Higuma (I really like the latter) which serve Japanese dishes different from those found in all the usual sushi restaurants, there are donburi (rice bowl covered with meat/omelette), Japanese curry (I always personally take katsu curry, pork cutlet with Japanese curry sauce), gyozas, soups (lamen), noodles. I love it! Don’t go there to spend hours at the table, here we eat quickly, in a rather noisy atmosphere, that’s also its charm! And we don’t book so expect a little tail if you come in the evening (but it usually goes fast). For restaurants perhaps a little more authentic, I recommend the top of St Anne Street, with Vietnamese (Nam Nam), japonesev(Inohara (okonomiyakis), Michi), korean (Hang a Ri).

Epices Roellinger

On the same rue St Anne, there is the épices Roellinger shop, owned by chef Olivier Rollinger, a great spice specialist, who has a superb restaurant in Cancale (I invite you to read Lili Barbery’s articles on this place, which make you want to go there so much). So he sells his spices in this space in Paris, and what spices! Its spice blends are exceptional and highly original, I recommend in particular the powder of the trade winds (ginger, sichuan, chilli, mustard, spices) to season a vinaigrette, I also have the powder back from India (turmeric, coriander, star anise, mace, sichuan, cumin, spices). You can also find in his shop all kinds of spices, peppers, salt flowers, peppers, vanilla…. If you like to cook, go for it. Also check out his site that explains how to use these spices, it is really very well done.

__ The adresses __

__In short, why come to the Gaillon district? __

To immerse yourself in the Japanese district.


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