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__ The district of Jardin des Plantes __

The Jardin des Plantes district, in the 5th arrondissement, is an ideal place to stroll, of course in the Jardin des Plantes, certainly my favourite park in Paris, which offers many possibilities of visit, and also around. It is certainly the district that I would recommend for a discovery of Paris outside the high places of tourism!

Metro stations: Place Monge, Censier Daubenton

__ My crushes __

La Grande Mosquée de Paris

Built in 1926, the Great Mosque of Paris is the oldest mosque in metropolitan France. It can be visited, except in prayer rooms, reserved for Muslims. It’s a place I really like, a little out of time and out of the city, you walk around in the gardens, you admire the architecture. It’s really very beautiful. You can also go for mint tea and delicious pastries, or eat couscous. The small indoor rooms and patios are very well decorated and very pleasant. Ideal for an afternoon break!

Le Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is obviously the heart of this district and I particularly appreciate it because it offers many different things to do, especially with children.

On the plant side, we have first of all the outdoor garden itself, a superb botanical garden with vegetable garden, the rose garden, peonies, an alpine garden, in short a very pleasant walk. We also have the Grandes Serres, which I strongly recommend. They date from the 19th century and were renovated and then reopened to the public in 2010, we discover biodiversity in 4 different areas (the greenhouse of tropical rainforests, the greenhouse of desert and arid environments, the greenhouse of New Caledonia and the greenhouse of Plant History), it is really very beautiful, very interesting and exotic! And in general there are not many people, which is all the more pleasant!

For children (and adults!), we have the choice, first of all the  Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, a superb museum with a huge nave presenting more than 3000 stuffed specimens. The scenography is really sublime! I will do a dedicated article because it is really an extra visit to do with children.

We also have different galleries (Mineralogy, Botany and my favorite Anatomie comparée et Paléontologie), for children I recommend this visit a thousand times, with the skeletons of mammals, fish, birds, but also dinosaurs, we follow all the stages of evolution for millions of years. Exciting! And the gallery itself is very beautiful, it’s an old-fashioned museum, the children love it.

To finish the visit of the Jardin des Plantes, la ménagerie, more than 200 years old, is a beautiful zoo in the heart of the city, there are still more than 1200 animals! I think he’s really nice, on a human scale. Admission is a little expensive (13 euros for adults and 10 euros for children), as in all zoos.

In short, there is plenty to do in the jardin des Plantes, and not living very far away, it is a place where you go very regularly and the children are always delighted with the different activities you can do there.

The rue Mouffetard and the brûlerie des Gobelins

I recently discovered the bottom of rue Mouffetard, on the side of Place St Médard (I was more used to going up the street which is less nice, with lots of restaurants not necessarily great) and it was a very good surprise, the little Place Georges Moustaki is very pleasant to drink coffee or lunch and going up rue Mouffetard, full of food shops (cheese, butcher, fish shop….) and some nice little restaurants (I spotted Bocamexa, mexican street food, Papillon, Japan street food).

And a little lower down at the Gobelins, la Brûlerie des Gobelins, a super roaster that offers a wide choice of coffees, homemade blends (the Gobelins blend is top), also tea. Very pleasant shop!

__ The adresses __

__In short, why come to the Jardin des Plantes district ? __

To spend a Sunday with the children, take a breath of fresh air, see animals (stuffed or not;)).

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