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__ Grenelle district __

The Grenelle district, in the north of the 15th arrondissement, is known for its proximity to the Eiffel Tower (the Bir Hakeim station closest to the Tower is located there) and for its Beaugrenelle shopping centre. It is otherwise a quite quiet, residential district, where you can go for pretty walks like on Swan Island, with a superb view of the Eiffel Tower, or go shopping in the charming rue du Commerce. And it is crossed by my favorite subway line: line 6, aerial!

Metro stations : Bir Hakeim, Dupleix, Lamotte-Piquet Grenelle, Cambronne, Charles Michels, Commerce, Avenue Emile Zola.

__ My crushes __

The rue du commerce


This street is not exceptional but I find it very pleasant for a shopping street (with most of the classic brands of perfumery, lingerie, clothing, tableware, decoration and gifts), it has a small side street with its cobblestones and is not crowded which makes it a good shopping plan!

In the middle, the square of the Place du Commerce is charming, with its green spaces, its children’s games and its pretty kiosk.

The Iranian district of the Entrepreneurs’ Street

This is a feature of the 15th century that I didn’t know at all, part of the rue des entrepreneurs is actually Little Tehran and includes restaurants and groceries from the Iranian diaspora. It is really small but there are 4 Iranian restaurants(Mazeh, Koukou, Cheminée, Guylas) and 3 grocery stores with typical Iranian products (spices, dried fruits, cakes, dates, nougat…) (Eskan, Sepide, Bazartche). A beautiful invitation to discover Iranian gastronomy!

Line 6 between Cambronne and Bir Hakeim

And yes, one of my favorite places in the neighbourhood is a subway line! But it’s not just any one of them! Line 6 from Charles de Gaulle Etoile to Nation is my favourite line, because it is largely aerial. Especially on this side of the 15th century, the view is superb, on the Eiffel Tower when arriving on Bir Hakeim and also on all the Parisian buildings, I love it! My favorite time to observe all this is in the evening, you can observe all the details with the lights of the street and apartments, magical!

__ The adresses __

__In short, why come to the Grenelle district? __

To eat Iranian food, to shop in Beaugrenelle or rue du Commerce, to admire the view from line 6.

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