Les Niçois

When I went for a walk in the St Ambroise district the last time (see my article dedicated here), I promised myself to come and test the brunch of Les Niçois, of whom I had heard a lot of good things. So it’s been done since last week and I can only recommend it!

Already the reception is very nice and the decoration really nice.

The particularity of this brunch is to have an animator who takes care of your children (from 3 years old), with various games, colourings… And that’s obviously a great idea! The children are therefore welcomed in the basement (where is the petanque track, because yes it is a real restaurant of the south!) and can play quietly and go up to eat! Frankly, it was great! And the little ones have a pitchoun menu at 15 euros with homemade juice, dish of the day (we were very good spaghetti bolognaises and dessert.

The other huge positive point is of course the quality of the brunch! I don’t know about you but I am often disappointed by the brunchs that propose I find things of much less good quality than the à la carte dishes and without great originality. Here this is not the case at all, brunch (at 28 euros) offers a hot drink, a fresh pressed juice (we had a watermelon juice), homemade bread and jams, a homemade granola (a kill!) with cottage cheese and honey, a cold soup slightly spicy strawberry pepper delicious, a dish of my choice, I price the toast – perfect egg, it was too good and a dessert, for me panna cotta lavender apricot. Everything was fresh, very tasty, well seasoned, in short very very good.

A brunch to absolutely recommend, I will do it again for sure! Now I will try the tapas which also seem very very nice.

Les Niçois

7 rue Lacharrière

75011 Paris

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