Les Fauves

I am often caught a little off guard when it is necessary to find a restaurant towards Montparnasse, I find that the corner does not swarm so much of good addresses (some nevertheless: see my article on the Montparnasse district). And last week I went to test Les Fauves! I’ve found my heart’s desire for the neighborhood!

The menu is very tempting, bistro style but with some originality, for example we took at the beginning mimosa eggs revisited, a terrine to fall on the ground, a cucumber gazpacho and perfect burrata tomatoes.

The choice is also very nice for dishes with especially beautiful meats and for desserts, I took the cheesecake passion/kumquat, perfect! In short I have only one desire to return to test the other dishes!

The service is also very nice, but it is imperative to book in the evening, because it is quite popular! Dishes are between 15 and 25 euros, starters around 7 euros and desserts between 7 and 9 euros. So not cheap but really worth it.

Les Fauves

Facebook: Les Fauves

33 bd Edgar Quinet

Métro: Edgar Quinet

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